House of Vans 2017

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Venue Line Up
Creative Food Concept Development
Food Shack Collaboration

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The House of Vans, a creative effort by the renowned skateboarding brand Vans, is a platform that encourages local communities to let loose of their imagination through a series of learning activities and cultural events. It is based in New York and London and travels around the world every year to promote Van’s “Off the Wall” spirit.
We have been working with the Vans team four years ago for their first tour in Hong Kong. This time, OAC was involved in venue line-up and developing creative food concept by collaborating with three award-winning chefs in HK, including Nathan Green from Rhoda, BAO LA from Le Garçon Saigon, and May Chow from Little Bao and Happy Paradise to curate a special menu that celebrates the House Of Vans spirit and culture.