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blueprint is a business community in the centre of Taikoo Place, a hub that’s home to 300 of Hong Kong’s most forward-thinking companies. Networking opportunities create themselves at blueprint Hong Kong, with chance meetings over coffee evolving into new relationships and intriguing opportunities.
The new space is opened in September 2017 and OAC helped to organize the Grand Opening Party. To enrich the content of this opening, we created a creative concept of blueprint by applying the theme, “the near future”, to share “What is it seams to live, work and play in furture technology” as blueprint believed in.
We created a series of Key visuals and lined up different parties such as Impossible food, Moonzen and Kwoon, these new startups that apply modern methods on Food and Beverages. We have also invited a CG Artist, Matt Foley,all the way from The States to design a series of animation and graphics using the virtual reality technology, which has been showcased during the opening evemt.